Henry Knowles

The english interview Henry Knowles, the famous Salsa DJ from N.Y., idol of many DJs. We did the interview on 19th July 2003 at the evening during the party in Curiohaus in Hamburg. Henry, yesterday you told me that you are puertorican. Many people don't know that. Is Henry Knowles just your artist name? Where were you born?
Henry Knowles:
No, Henry Knowles is my real name., Knowles is french, because of my father's family. My mother is from Puerto Rico. I was born in N.Y., and still I'm living there. But I spent a lot of time in Puerto Rico during my childhood with my family. Henry Knowles and

Henry Knowles and For what reason have you become a Salsa DJ, and when did you start?
Henry Knowles:
With just ten years I had a collection of a lot of discs. The first time I saw DJ equipment was in high school, where they asked me to bring some of my discs. And then they told me to play them myself. Well, I did it and liked it. Later on some DJs took me with them on parties, and after a while I organized with some other DJ friends music for parties, weddings and that stuff. I started with all professionally more or less in 1978/9. How old are you?
Henry Knowles: I'm 44 years old, so I put on the music for over 20 years. You are "the one", whom a lot of people admire. Do you have some advices other DJs or those who want to learn it?
Henry Knowles:
Yes, first of all, what is most important, is that they should learn to dance salsa, because you play the music for the dancers, for the people, so you should know yourself what dancing means. Also important is to play the right music at the right time. You have to know the music and make the right mix between "slow" and "fast". Henry Knowles and Eva What means salsa for you?
Henry Knowles:
Salsa is my life! For me it means passion, fun, meeting new people. Salsa brings you a lot of joy. By the way, we took a picture of you last night while you were dancing. Do you prefer to dance yourself or put on the tables?
Henry Knowles:
Well, in fact, I prefer dancing..
What's your favourite song?
Henry Knowles:
That's a difficult question, I cannot tell you that. But the best sonero for me is Domingo Quinoñez. I like these great perfomers like Tito Puente, La Gran Combo, Eddie Palmieri... just to mention a few. Djane Aimeline is your collegue tonight. What do you think about her, about female DJs?
Henry Knowles:
She's a great person. I'm happy more women are getting into this business.
How did you like the festival until now?

Henry Knowles: A lot of things to do... The atmosphere is really nice, nice city, nice location... But there are so many congresses every year, there should be just one, a real huge one. Henry Knowles and Abdel
You are travelling around the world. Is there still time to put on music in N.Y.?
Henry Knowles:
Yes, this week I'm going to work in Hawaii, St. Martin, then in Puerto Rico, in August I'm going to Japan. You are coming around a lot. But every monday I am at "El Flamingo" in N.Y., where my own parties take place with live salsa as well.
You have been one or two times in Hannover in "Cuabar". Will we see you there again?
Henry Knowles:
For sure, everytime, I liked it there, a good location as well. But we hadn't phoned for a long time. If they ask me, Ill be there. Best regards to DJ Sergio! Do you like to tell the people anything else?
Henry Knowles: "Que le pongan la atención a la música!". They should feel the music, the rest does not matter. Listen with your heart to the music! Thank you for the interview!

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