Leon Rose

The interview in english with Leon Rose was on 20th July 2003 during the farewell party on salsafestival hamburg in "La Macumba" in Club.
You are living in London. Were you born there as well?
Leon Rose: Yes, I was born there as well. But almost every weekend I'm sleeping in hotels. My grandparents were both from Trinidad. I learned spanish two years ago (from books).

Leon Rose
Do you give classes in London as well or are you just travelling around to give classes and workshops?
Leon Rose: I have two classes, one every sunday in "SOS", in a big hall. But usually I have my classes on tuesdays. I teach them for years. I'm looking for a new place. In September I'll go on with these classes.
Leon Rose class
When and where have you learned dancing salsa?
Leon Rose:
There was this club every sunday, "Villa Stefano". My mother took me there. There was a girl. Who ask me to dance with her. So I had to learn it. That was six years ago, in 1997. They had teachers there as well. Later I learned from Robert Charlemagne. In November 1998 I gave my first classes, I think. Leon Rose class
Do you like merengue and bachata as well?
Leon Rose:
Yes, I do, but in London they don't play bachata often. I danced it in Holland.
You are coming all around the world? How do you like Germany, the festivals here?
Leon Rose: Actually this is the sixth time for me in Germany. I'm going to Berlin this tuesday. To give some classes. Festivals always have the same concepts. In Germany everything is well-organized, but my favourite festival was in Paris. What about this festival?
Leon Rose:
Cool. I'm wet since yesterday. It's hot outside, it's hot inside. ;-) Eva and Leon Rose
Leon Rose Salsa
Is there anything you want to tell the people?
Leon Rose:
The most important thing is to enjoy what you are doing! That's why I always have a smile on my face. (Laughing) And if not, I'm tired.
Thanks for the interview, Leon.

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