Frankie Martinez

The interview with Frankie Martinez (27 years) we did on 19th July 2003 during the night after his show in Curio Haus on salsafestival hamburg. First of all, did you enjoy the opening party yesterday?
Frankie M.: Yes, of course. It was great.

Frankie Martinez and Eva Where will we meet you this year in Europe?
Frankie M.: For sure in September in Berlin and in November in Madrid. What was your impulse to dance salsa and where did you start?
Frankie M.: That was 1997 in a studio in New York. There I practiced for over eight months. My father always listened to this kind of music, he left us 1980. During my military time in Florida I spent a lot of time with him, and back to New York I started learning salsa.

Frankie Martinez Salsa You are puertorican. What was the reason for coming to N. Y.?
Frankie M.: My parents are both from Puerto Rico, but I always lived in New York. I love New York. There's nothing like New York. Has the 11th September, 2001 changed your life?
Frankie M.: No, I only felt angry, but it hasn't changed my life. I now only feel more attached to New York. Would you come to Hannover to give classes there?
Frankie M.: Yes of course, everytime. Your show was fantastic, but normally you dance with a partner. Don't you have a partner at the moment? Are you single?

Frankie M.: In fact I don't have a girl friend at the moment. My last girl friend was my partner as well. Since two years it's over now, but the last 18 months we still danced together. Aicha is definately the best and most charismatic person I ever danced with. Unfortunately she is not able to continue dancing, and for that reason I dance solo the last few months.

Frankie Martinez - Salsa Interview
Is there anything else you want to tell the people?
Frankie M.: The biggest thing I want to say is "The dance is our voice!". It's our way of communicating. Communication is the idea of feelings. It's not art if you are not saying something. It's the same with musicians, painters or other artists. Make sure that we are saying something with our dances! Thanks for the interview!

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