Felipe Polanco

The interview with Felipe Polanco we had saturday evening (25.10.) in Utsikten Hotel in Nynäshamn/Sweden on "HOT Salsa Weekend". Hola Felipe! Thank you for having time to give us this interview... Please just begin to tell us when you began to dance and why!
Felipe Polanco: Since I’m 14 years old I dance Salsa, professionally I started with 23 or 24 years. 1991 I worked in Puerto Rico with the „Jala Jala Dancers“, I was the first dancer and choreographer. My father was salsa musician. So, I’m salsero my whole life, I raised up with the music. I’ve never took lessons. My talent I owe to God, I dance for him.

Julia, Felipe Polanco and Eva Tell us now, where you are from, and where do you live now!
Felipe Polanco: Born, as you know, I’m puertorican, and there I lived until last year. Since one year I’m living in Paris. Puerto Rico should be wonderful...
Felipe Polanco: Oh yes, it is.

Eva and Felipe Don’t you want to go back?
Felipe Polanco: Of course I want, like everybody, but at the moment it’s not possible. Which clubs do you prefer in Paris?
Felipe Polanco: Well, preferably I go to „La Peña“ and to „La Pachanga“, but normally you meet me in all places. As there is „Monte Christo“, „Radio Latina Café“ or „France Telecom“. Which kind of style do you dance?
Felipe Polanco: (laughing) I dance „Felipe Polanco Style“. „Puerto Rican Style“ dances everbody else... Who’s the salsera on your side here?
Felipe Polanco: Tania Santiago, in my eyes the best female dancer. Which salsa group is your preferred one?
Felipe Polanco: Hmmm... „El Gran Combo“ is definitely one of those. By the way, I plan in May 2004 a huge latin event in France, where are going to perform the best groups...But about this you may inform yourselves on my homepage where you can order as well my DVDs.

Felipe Polanco - Salsa Interview
Is there something else you want to tell all the salseros and salseras?
Felipe Polanco: Yes, the most important thing about dancing salsa is to feel salsa. You have to feel it, don’t dance just to dance... And respect salsa! Salsa is a lucrative business for many people, this can give salsa a bad name. Thank you for the interview, Felipe!

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