Super Mario

The interview with Super Mario, a famous dance instructor from London, took place on 19th July 2003 at the Eimsbütteler Turnverband in Hamburg after the workshop he gave there. How did you like the Salsa Festival until now?
Super Mario: They have an excellent floor here. I enjoy it here. It's too hot in the classes, but it's nice.

Super Mario You have been to a lot of congesses, and you are still travelling like in August in Barcelona and in October in Stockholm. Does that means fun or hard work to you?
Super Mario: A lot of fun!!! How can you complain about travelling in foreign countries and meeting nice people?
Super Mario - Salsa Interview Why, when and where did begin to dance salsa?
Super Mario: That's still the same story... Why begin men to dance salsa? I was in a bad mood, because my girlfriend left me. So I had to do do something. I learned salsa, that was on 7th July 1998, five years ago, in London, in „Bar Cuba“. I saw you with Robert Charlemagne in „Loughborough Hotel“ last year in December. I liked this place. Where do you like to dance salsa in London?
Super Mario: You'll find me on thursdays in „Earl's Court“, where I give classes, and as well I dance on sundays, if I am in London, in „SOS“. („Salsa on sundays“, club of Leon Rose). Is there a place in the world where you enjoyed dancing more than in London?
Super Mario: Yes, that was definetely in Israel. There was a congress, and there were so nice people, such an relaxing atmosphere... Simply fantastic! And they have a lot of clubs there to dance salsa...!
Super Mario and Eva We will see Robert in September in Chemnitz. Are you coming as well?
Super Mario: No, I won't come, but you know, I travel a lot. Finally, is there anything you want to tell the people?
Super Mario: Yes. Don't make it political! Dance socially! Just enjoy it! Thank you for the interview!

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