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The interview with Francisco Vazquez (33 years) as well took place in "La Macumba" on Salsafestival in Hamburg (2003) during the farewell party. You are one of the most wanted and famous dance instructors. So where, why and when you began to dance salsa?
Francisco Vazquez: I love this music! I heard it in my youth in Mexico, but there I just danced cumbia. I started learing salsa in L. A., exactly on 28th February in 1990, that's 14 years ago. I just went to clubs and learned dancing by watching and practising. I never took classes. Then I taught my brothers.

Francisco Vazquez Salsa Interview How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Francisco Vazquez: Well, seven sisters and four brothers, five with me. When did you give your first classes?
Francisco Vazquez: That was in 1994 in L. A. in different clubs and in schools.
Francisco Vazquez and Frankie Martinez Is Monika (Gonzales) your fixed partner?
Francisco Vazquez: Yes, and she is my girlfriend as well. She was born in L. A., but she is half mexican and half american. Since six years we are dancing professionally together. Do you give classes in L. A.?

Francisco Vazquez: Yes, I have my own school

"Los Rumberos" Where is your favourite place to dance in L. A.?
Francisco Vazquez: In ""Floridita" in L. A., because of its familiar atmosphere over there. Which was your favourite festival?
Francisco Vazquez: In 1997 in Puerto Rico. That was the first time somebody managed a congress in the world. It was like a family. Everybody was together. I went together with my brothers ("The Vazquez Brothers").
Francisco Vazquez show What about this festival?
Francisco Vazquez: Very nice. The main location (Curio Haus) was really beautiful. The managers have to know what the people need. You have to know what is good for the people... Anything you want to tell the people?
Francisco Vazquez: I just wanna tell the people one thing... Don't critisize! Just respect, and dance with your heart for all styles! Which is your favourite style?
Francisco Vazquez: I mix everything. L. A. is speed, N. Y. is slow. Thank you for the interview!



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