Salsafestival Münster 15. - 17. April 2011

      Salsafestival Münster 15. - 17. April 2011

      NRW's großes Salsafestival. Wer kommt? Wo gibts Tickets und Infos:

      One of the biggest Festivals and Parties in Germany but definately one of the most outstanding! Amazing and unique line-up!

      That’s unique! A Festival-Gala-Night on 4 dancefloors with music for every Salsataste (Mambo, Cuban, Romantica, Bachata, Reggaeton, ChaCha, even RnB ...) provided by some of europes finest Festival-DJs. A well chosen showprogramme will start early so you will have a lot of time to dance your feet off! As dan...cers ourselves, we know your...... needs (concerning Salsa).

      The Salsafestival Münster is outstanding and different. Why?
      * Over 60 Workshops & Music for ALL Styles! Up to 4 Areas!
      * As being dancers ourselves we know what you expect of a good salsanight!
      * 3 Parties with top Shows and DJs!
      * A workshop schedule with over 70 hours of unique toppics and a well puzzled out structure!
      * Unique: Saturday Gala Night on 4 dancefloors: New York Style, Cuban, ROMANTICA and RnB!
      * It is a really good deal! Great value parties and hotels nearby!
      * Breathtaking Line-Up of DJs and Artists (see below)!
      * We don't do a ton of shows in the middle of the night! We know you want to dance, so we keep the number of shows down!
      * The shows start early and are done at 10:30pm! Dance till 6am!
      * Cuba Libre Special the whole night: 4.50 € with the real Havana Club!

      Confirmed Artists 2011:
      Leon Rose & Noemie Millon (UK & FR)
      Jhesus Aponte & Cristina Rodrigeuz (Puerto Rico)
      Yunaisy Farray & Alexander Carbó (Kuba)
      Shaka G. Brown & Shakira (Washington, USA)
      Mouaze & Fanny (Paris, France)
      Neeraj Maskara & Gosia Kulpa(India)
      Pasty Zouk (NL)
      Aanyo (Freiburg, Germany)
      Super Mario (London, UK)
      Terry & Cecile (Paris, France)
      Brian & Mechteld (Utrecht, Netherlands)
      Emile Moise (Hannover, Germany)
      Jorge Camaguey (Cuba)
      James Thomas (Belgium)
      Rayonnel Mercelina (Curacao)
      Salsa Royale (Arnhem, Netherlands)
      Pedro Perez (Bochum, Kuba)
      Eddi Geiger (Hannover, Germany)
      Sam Ganon (Israel)
      Laine Abreu y Yorgenis Danger (Kuba)
      Alex Drein (Wuppertal, Germany)
      Costa (Hannover, Germany)

      Pictures & Videos by
      Valentin Behringer (Freiburg, Germany)
      Daniel Kyun (Bielefeld, Germany)
      Martin DPix (Munich, Germany)

      Two more parties on Friday and Sunday complete the nights Salsa-Entertainment.

      During the day you can choose between 50 educating and entertaining workshops given by highly qualified instructors and improve your dancing. The addressees of the Salsafestival “Salsa Deluxe” are as well Mambolovers, Cuban-Dancers as LA-Style-Fans. There will be music and workshops for beginning, intermediate and advanced dancers.

      Enjoy the versatility of Salsa!
      The earlier you register the cheaper are the tickets.

      We are looking forward to give you a warm welcome in Münster – which is e.g. only about two hours from Amsterdam or Eindhoven.

      Your team from “Salsa Deluxe” – the friendly Salsafestival.

      More information and registration:

      Confirmed DJs
      DJ Dave
      DJ Mauri
      DJ Diego
      DJ Incognito
      DJ Andy-S
      DJ Juan'Pa
      DJ Tony Lara
      DJ André
      DJ Gerd

      Taka a Youtube-Look at our Line-Up & Artists: